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hourglass-cosmetics-beautyskincare-routine-beautybloggerMy beauty routine is constantly changing due to season changes, skin blahs, & new trends.  But I have always managed to maintain a skin routine; the typical wash face, toner, and moisturize. Clinique kept a girl looking fresh through high school.The most important thing to me has always been to moisturize & hydrate. Drink your water ladies its better than any skin product out there. Here a few of my favorite items in  rotation, that also do well under the summer heat.

So Fresh & So Clean: Fresh. It’s amazing and has great natural ingredients. I wasn’t a huge of the Soy Cleanser but the Rose Cleansing Foam is amazing. Smells great and really helps with reducing redness. Like I mentioned before, moisturizing is probably my obsession, like I love lotion. This Lotus Face cream is great but a bit too heavy for Houston weather. I recommend using this for your night time routine instead and opt for Lotus Radiance lotion for daytime. Love this Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream but again only for nighttime. Tip: spread this all over your wrinkle prone areas.

Summer Face: Living in Houston calls for minimal day makeup so your face doesn’t literally melt away. I swear by Hourglass, it’s great for my skin and looks flawless. Side note: most products are vegan, gluten, & paraben free. Topped off with a little blush, highlighting powder, and lip color- voila you’re summer beauty ready.

What are your summer beauty tips and tricks?


Face MakeUp: Hourglass Powder: Laura Mercier Blush: MAC Lip Stain: NARS Face Cleansers: Fresh Eye Cream: Kiehl’s Body Oil: Multi-Use Oil Face Wipes: Neutrogena

9 Responses to Summer Beauty

  1. Maritza L. Zuniga says:

    Love Fresh! I’ll have to check-out Hourglass because I’ve been hearing great things! What are your favorite waterproof make-up products. I send a lot of time in our pool & I’m in need of some tips

  2. I’m obsessed with hourglass!! And Sunday Riley 🙂 xo miss u!

  3. Shasie says:

    I will have to check out these brands!

  4. Jo-Anne says:

    Need to check these out asap! xJo

  5. This is the third time I’ve read about Hourglass being perfect for Houston weather. Definitely going to have to give it ago. BTW, your photos are awesome. Keep it up!

  6. I am a huge skin care nut. I am always trying out new products. I recently got some Fresh products and I can not wait to try them. I am currently loving Tula products. They are amazing.

  7. All products look wonderful. I am in the mix of learning more about beauty products. Hopefully it will become a new hobby.

  8. Colleen says:

    I’m a huge Fresh fan…I’ll have to keep an eye out for all of these products!

  9. Jenna Howe says:

    These are great. I will have to check some of the out. And I totally agree…water, water, water!

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