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Mexico City Travels: Part Two


Do you guys know how hard it is to edit these pics and then stare at them as I  write the post?! Like Ohh Myyy Gawwwdddd *insert hungry sad crying emoji*…

Mexico has such a dear place in my heart. My childhood summers were spent carelessly running through the neighborhood, running to the tienditas to buy endless amount of candy, and food so much food. The thing that I remember most was the busy city, San Luis Potosi, and the carelessness I would feel. Of course I was a child but I remember my parents and the look of pure happiness on their faces- for two straight months. I longed for this feeling as an adult; where I can run around a busy city but have time stand still.  So of course Mexico City was top of the list, it was busy but I was on my own schedule. They’re also known for their mezcal but thats neither here nor there… Needless to say it was exactly that: Busy but sooo calming.

This trip was me and my best friends in a city of 10 million people. Time stood still and nothing ever stopped. It was perfection.


Mexico City Travels: Part One

Dia_de_Los_Muertos_Parade_007_Mexico_CityZocalo_DisctrictoHistorico_desfilemanduca_condesa_df_styleYuban_mezcaleria_mexicocitycurrentelliot_nordstrom_mexicostylemexicocity_districtofederal_fashiontopshop_latte_coffee_fashionAhh!!! CDMX the most amazing city that I’ve ever visited. I might be biased since Mexico is home but my heart will always belong to S.LP. So, when planning my trip I searched and searched for Mexico City travel blogs, articles, anything really to help me plan my vacation but found nothing.  Everything was outdated so I knew I had to type something up for you guys! Mind you, I am not a travel blogger so there might be some tips missing..oops! Here are some simple tips to get you through your Mexico City stay:

  • Uber- for you safety and because Uber really is the most convenient thing ever
  • Layers- I traveled in late October and coming from Texas climate it was cold AF but once you start exploring it gets a little warm so layer up
  • Back-up Charger(s)- we did the most everyday so that meant leaving our airbnb early and getting back late. This meant low battery/dead phones but luckily my portable charger got me thru the day
  • Moisturizer- higher altitude and cold weather meant crazy skin breakouts. I didn’t know what dry skin looked like until my trip. Pack your best moisturizer!

Do you have any traveling tips to share? I’m putting into the universe that this year will be full of travels!!



GoodBye Summer



Dress: Free People Shoes: TopShop Earrings: BaubleBar Photos: Megan Weaver and Arielle Olfers

Saying goodbye to summer isn’t just about updating your wardrobe it’s also  about reminiscing about all the fun adventures. I keep thinking back to the awesome road-trip I took to Austin to pick up Arielle and then our fun trip to Dallas! Seriously, whomever is in charge of Starbucks locations please look into this route. Haha, that part of the trip was brutal. We spent a fun-filled weekend learning all about self-made badasses in the business world. As two  inspiring entrepreneurs we walked away with great advice and new friends. Can’t wait to attend the next Flea Style conference!

Also, seasonal wardrobe changes in Houston isn’t really a thing. I mean we are still fighting 85+ degree weather but the humidity is low(er). So my OTK boots and sweaters will stay boxed up until like maybe mid-November, if we’re lucky. Until then it’s transitional wardrobe updates like light layers and booties. So goodbye humid summer heat and hello fall-ish heat!

P.S. Arielle is a badass herself: check out her and her husband’s business VacayBox!


Summer Beauty

hourglass-cosmetics-beautyskincare-routine-beautybloggerMy beauty routine is constantly changing due to season changes, skin blahs, & new trends.  But I have always managed to maintain a skin routine; the typical wash face, toner, and moisturize. Clinique kept a girl looking fresh through high school.The most important thing to me has always been to moisturize & hydrate. Drink your water ladies its better than any skin product out there. Here a few of my favorite items in  rotation, that also do well under the summer heat.

So Fresh & So Clean: Fresh. It’s amazing and has great natural ingredients. I wasn’t a huge of the Soy Cleanser but the Rose Cleansing Foam is amazing. Smells great and really helps with reducing redness. Like I mentioned before, moisturizing is probably my obsession, like I love lotion. This Lotus Face cream is great but a bit too heavy for Houston weather. I recommend using this for your night time routine instead and opt for Lotus Radiance lotion for daytime. Love this Kiehl’s Avocado eye cream but again only for nighttime. Tip: spread this all over your wrinkle prone areas.

Summer Face: Living in Houston calls for minimal day makeup so your face doesn’t literally melt away. I swear by Hourglass, it’s great for my skin and looks flawless. Side note: most products are vegan, gluten, & paraben free. Topped off with a little blush, highlighting powder, and lip color- voila you’re summer beauty ready.

What are your summer beauty tips and tricks?


Face MakeUp: Hourglass Powder: Laura Mercier Blush: MAC Lip Stain: NARS Face Cleansers: Fresh Eye Cream: Kiehl’s Body Oil: Multi-Use Oil Face Wipes: Neutrogena

Grey Days

_MG_0620 2 _MG_0624 2


 The pain of having a cold grey day ruin a perfectly good blog shoot, blah. Here are my two favs and only options from the shoot. #bloggerproblems

Y’all this Marc Fisher Yale bootie is everything. Go and get’em.

January Chills

_MG_0498 2
_MG_0489 1
_MG_0507 3 _MG_0550 4COAT: Dance In Vintage DRESS: Zara BOOTS: Altuzurra for Target

Nothing defines a fresh start more than the person in pursuit of something real and more challenging; which is the beauty in new beginnings. This past year has been one of the realest, most beautiful, and hardest years of my twenty-something year old life. I welcomed 2015 as an entrepreneur and it was aamaazing! Everybody needs to be self-employed once in their lives. Towards the end of the year I decided I wanted to go back to work and got a job doing something I always wanted to do for a company I always wanted to work for. Pretty nice year, huh?

Life lessons I learned along the way:

  1. Comfort should be found in your favorite sweatpants and not in everyday life, live a little!
  2. Your partner should be your #1 fan and  #1 critic. I mean, hey, if they can’t be honest then who can? Be ready to process because it isn’t the easiest.
  3. The hustle is real; you have to be ready to put in work to see the results you want.
  4. Going to the gym the majority of the week is the best thing you can do for yourself. The best way to get out of the house and return clear minded when you work from home.
  5. The additional bonding you gain with your child is priceless. No rushing to get to work/school in the AM, no rushing to get home in the evening, and no extended school hours for them. Happiness.

Here’s to a better and brighter 2016!


_MG_9264 2_MG_9295 2_MG_9307 2_MG_9271 2


Relaunching my blog, relaunching my life. All the same, right? Welcome to the new Dance In a Dress! I can’t wait to share with you all what it is I call life, fashion, and my thoughts.

What would you like to read about on the blog?